Teaching the chinese language, between art and passion

Teaching the chinese language, between art and passion
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She responded "yes" to the initiative to go to a European country and try here, in Romania, in Galați, to convey her love for her native country, China, and to share the secrets of her people with the young people of Galați, thus becoming an "Ambassador of China". Huang Xiying is young, beautiful and transmits her energy to everyone she comes in contact with. She teaches Chinese at School No. 26 in Galati, where, in addition to the alphabet, the Chinese master's student talks to young people about the art of paper modeling, about the Chinese New Year or about what China represents in the world. We present, exclusively for "Viaţa liberă", an interview with Huang Xiying, the young master's student who overcame the barriers of her civilization and managed, with dedication and devotion, to convey information about Chinese culture to young Romanians. She has been in Galați for three years, when she arrived for the first time at the Children's Palace in Galați, a place where she got to know the city and the children, to whom she became very attached.

- Let's help the readers get to know you. Where do you come from, what is your personal and professional path that got you here?

- I come from Beijing, China, I’m a master student in normal university and my major is Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. My dream is to teach Chinese language and spread culture to the people who love China and Chinese traditional culture, this is the second year of my master’s 

- How did you find out about Romania and how did you decide to come to Galați? What can you tell us about the Chinese community in our town?

- The Bucharest University has a cooperation with a very famous university in China, this is how I heard about it. After I joined the Confucius Institute, the manager asked me can I go here alone and in charge of the teaching assignment for the whole city here, I thought this is a big and interesting challenge for me, so I agreed. The Chinese community here doesn’t have many people, most of them are doing some business here, and they are very hardworking and kind, the goods from China are also very good. 

- What impact does the Chinese language have in Galați and what feedback you receive from the students?

- I think the Chinese in Galati is a kind of an interesting lesson, some kids would like to know something about another language, because the main foreign languages here are some European ones. Asian language and culture are very new to them. So they are really interested about them.

- Are they interested in learning the Chinese language in general or are they more attracted to the customs of the Chinese people? 

-They are more interested about the culture, customs and any interesting things more than just language, but the institute requires me to have teaching Chinese language as my main job, so I have to find the best ways to make my language classes more interesting and attractive.

- What do you intend to do in the future? Are you staying in Galați or are you moving to another city, where people are more open to learning Asian languages?

- Firstly I would go back China to continue my master’s course, then I will be a teacher somewhere, I have not decided where. But Romania is a wonderful country and I will miss everything here.

- Do you have any message for the people of Galați in particular and for Romanians in general?

- Thank you for being warmhearted and kind, you always have a smile for me, hope you can come to China one day, and the friendship between Chinese and Romanian can last forever.

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